CARTOON DIGITAL: 2nd stop on my Spanish LudoToreroTour08

Image1_lo_2So, as you know, I'll be giving a talk in Gijón on April 19-20th. Then I'll go to Murcia, where Cartoon Masters Digital will be taking place. It's a training seminar for European animators that focuses on new technologies. My non-academic videogame work is closely related to cartoons, since I've been developing games for animation studios such as Cartoon Network for almost a decade now. So it'll be a great pleasure to be a part of this event and, once again, the list of speakers is great.

Homo Ludens Ludens, April 19-20th (Spain)

Presentacion001There are few places in the planet that make me so happy. Spain has it all: good food, good people and good climate. And since last year it also has the uber-cool Laboral Art Center, which is hosting the Homo Ludens Ludens seminar and exhibit. I'll be presenting some of my recent work in the company of an impressive list of speakers, including Julian Oliver, Molleindustria, José Luis de Vicente, Julian Dibbel and Anne-Marie Schleiner, among others. The curators are Erich Berger, Laura Baigorri and Daphne Dragona.