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Gonzalo Frasca's PhD Dissertation now available: Play the Message

Hey again,

I haven't posted anything in years –I've been too busy working on my game studio, Powerful Robot Games. And I'm enjoying it a lot.

So, I've been pretty much outside from the ludology/game studies field since I completed my PhD dissertation in 2007. I didn't share the file online since I wanted to publish it in book form. I still want to but, let's face it, it's been almost 4 years... So I decided to share the pdf with you guys out there. It's about games but mainly about Play. And communication. Play Rhetoric. And toys, too. Hope you enjoy it!

Here it is:

Feel free to share it, read it, quote it, translate it, compose music for it :)

Play the Message: Play, Game and Videogame Rhetoric. Ph.D. Disseration. IT University of Copenhagen. Denmark, 2007. Supervisor: Espen Aarseth.