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My studio's new Star Wars game


I'm very happy to announce the launch of "Path of the Jedi", a new online game based on the Clone Wars TV series now available on Cartoon Network. It's a platform game where you play the role of Ahsoka, a young Jedi Padawan. It's been many months of hard work but we are proud we contributed a tiny little bit to the official Star Wars universe. Thanks both to Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network for all their work and support, as well as everybody who worked on it at Powerful Robot. You can play the game here. Many of you may remember that I was never a Star Wars fan (my parents never took me to watch the movies, probably because my dad –an avid movie fan– is not a science fiction fan). However, I did heavily research Star Wars for this project and, even though I haven't yet learned how to speak like Yoda, I now find Wookies much cuter than before :)



Congratulations to you and your studio, its a very nice platformer.
I like how you can send laser back to droids with you light saber, alongside with the presence of some force powers :)

Btw, I just classified it at :

Alberto Precht

Felicitaciones, quiero decirle que soy un chileno, que leo con mucho interés sus articulos y realizo clases de juegos y liderazgo, me gustaría conocer más de vuestro trabajo.

le dejo mi blog si es que le interesa tomar contacto.


Congratulations, it's a good game!

Hey, I would like to translate your article "Simulation vs. Narration: introduction to ludology" and print it in a Brazilian academic magazine. May I do it? Probably, it would be printed in an Unesp's publication (Unesp is a public university, like Usp and Unicamp).
It would be very nice to help to spread your thoughts in Brazil.
As I told you in the post about your coming to Brazil, I've used ludology in a research about educational pen&paper RPGs.

Tiago M.

Smooth gameplay indeed. Latest smooth Flash game I played was Mirror's Edge 2D - it's a beta and some say it's better than the original :) After you get going with it it really gets under your skin, I think.

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This game looks very interesting, i will try it soon.

TY for sharing.


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I love online games. It's nice when you're at the office, and this one really does look awesome. I intend to try it as soon as I get to the office :)

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Thanks both to Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network for all their work and support, as well as everybody who worked on it at Powerful Robot. You can play the game here.

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Online games have started a new trend in video games and people are just flocking to it .

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too bad this game is made in cartoon style. I like the older Star Wars game where you could play thorugh different missions which were more realistic.

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