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Have a Powerful 2008!

TarjetaenAfter living for so many years up North (read, the Northern hemisphere) I realized that people take for granted that Christmas is all about snow and cold. Nonsense! Xmas has always been about sunny days, Santa in shorts and fireworks. Anyway, in order to give you guys a glimpse of a Southern hemisphere gamer Xmas, we put together this little postcard (click to enlarge). Enjoy! May Santa bring you tons of Sea Monkeys and Nintendo Virtual Boys! And have a terrific, mega powerful 2008!


Mark DeLoura

Oh man. I'm jealous! Now where's my sweater, brr! :)


Don't get too jealous! :) However, having fireworks for Xmas is quite a nice touch (I used to miss that when I lived abroad). Happy Holidays!

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