Plane hijacking game, 1982
Spanish Civil War game

Coming soon... A new newsgame

GlobalwI am happy to announce that in the next few weeks, will be launching a new game called Global Warming. Yup, you guessed the topic! While September 12th was 100% political, Madrid geared more towards the emotional and now Global Warming could probably be described as educational. The game focuses on the main reasons for global warming, with the same premises of previous newsgames: concise and direct, while trying to avoid simplicity. In other words, we're back with the videogame cocktail: half videogame, half political cartoon.
Stay tuned, we're working hard to launch before the end of the year.



Suena interesante!!!!
Vi el juego September 12th en el CCE. Me pareciĆ³ super interesante.

Luiz Henrique Magnani

I'm expecting this new newsgame anxiously.

I've studied yet September 12th in my graduation thesis... ;)

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