levelHead by Julian Oliver

The one and only Julian Oliver just released a short video of his latest project, levelHead. This is how it works. You plug a webcam on your computer and you physically move around a little cube. The cube is shown on your computer but, magically, you get to see different rooms inside it and a little character that you control by tilting the cube. The game´s goal is to get the character out of the house. When I was in Madrid a couple of months ago, Julian was working on a prototype but the version on the video is far more advanced. The project as it all: the simplicity of a toy and the fascination of a miniature world that you control with your hand. While nowadays most artists generally go for full body interfaces and giant screens, Julian built a fascinating, tiny little world in a box that is a pleasure to play with. Game art doesn´t get any bigger than this.



It really annoys me that he keeps only rotating the box a tiny bit. Whenever he rotates it more, he first places his finger on the front, and the picture goes away, and then doesn't come back until it has already been turned and he removes his fingers from it. He should turn it slowly all the way around, without covering it. Cmon.

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