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Tetris, unplugged

Tetris_tetris1Oh, the beauty of game design. This definitively looks like a fun. According to this description of the game, the rules have slightly changed: it's a two player game (against the machine or another player), lights tell you which token to drop next, and you score by creating rows that are marked through a switch on the side of the board. It definitively looks like elegant design but, it's always hard to tell without trying the actual thing. Maybe Santa will bring me one...


Jeremy Douglass

Strange, it getting marketed as "Tetris 3D" when being 3D has nothing to do with the gameplay - except that the plastic pieces aren't infinitely thin, of course. Software Tetris isn't even 2D, like Othello or Go - it's more like 1.5 dimensional as you get a free horizontal axis and a directed vertical one constrained against the upper line. Tetris 3D looks even more dimensionally limited than Tetris, because there is no fiddling and guiding on the way down, meaning you can't for example fill in under an overhanging unit by late rotation.

Misusing the tag "3D" seems to happen a lot in the physical game industry - I wonder why it is that we have no good retronym for "material instance": Tetris Physical, Tetris Touch, Tetris Real, etc.

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