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Article: Ludologists love stories, too

I have uploaded a copy of my Level Up 2003 Conference paper (pdf format). To make a long story short: I was fed up of reading about the ludology versus narratology debate, so I wrote an article to help setting things straight. The paper makes a few points, basically:
a) Ludology NEVER excluded narratology from game studies. That's been like this right from the beginning, clearly written on the first paper ever on ludology (I should know, I wrote it)
rb) Ludologists are not radical story-haters, that's a total nonsense
rc) a debate on the issue never took place as such

rUnlike most discussion on the subject, my recent paper extensively quotes difference sources in order to show that there's been a huge misunderstanding on this issue. As more and more people are joining our field of study, I wanted to document my take on this so-called debate in order to minimize the amount of time wasted on discussing this matter without the right information.
rLife is short, there is a lot of research to be done in games and I simply cannot lose more time repeating myself over this ludo/narrat debate. I hope the paper helps to set the record straigth once for all.
rPlease read it and let me know what do you think.


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